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Mixed Dracaena Artificial Floor PlantIndoor silk plants and artificial orchids are growing in popularity as a way to add serenity and ambience to a room without the aggravation of caring for live plants. An elegant silk tree, a vibrant silk arrangement, or a carefully selected silk floor plant all help you to bring nature indoors, and relax amongst lush greenery and delicate floral hues.

Advancements in Silk Plant Production

Many people still believe that all silk plants are mass-produced, plastic monstrosities, without realizing that they are a thing of the past. Realistic silk plants now incorporate silk, polyester, and natural materials, giving them the subtlety and realism of live plants, even down to variegated foliage and translucent silk flowers.

Decorating Your Home With Artificial Plants

Silk plants and artificial trees are perfect accent pieces to augment any home design theme. Silk flowers and artificial arrangements make it easy for you to add a glorious burst of vibrant color and brighten any room in your house or office. Seasonal silk floor plants and wreaths bring joy to the holidays and best of all they require very little maintenance when compared to live plants.

Artificial Floor Plants: Silk Orchids and Faux Trees

Among the wide range of silk floor plants available online are beautiful artificial orchids and awesome faux trees that look just like the real thing. These artificial plants are made with such painstaking care and attention to detail that it is nigh on impossible to tell them from the real thing until you touch them.

Quite frankly, most hotels and restaurants now use artificial silk floor plants for their main off-table displays, and people just cannot tell the difference: they look so beautiful and life-like, and little wonder that many are now choosing them for their home rather than real plants.

This is particularly the case with floor plants that can be expensive to purchase, yet have a short life unless given the degree of TLC that many with busy lives are unable to provide. Artificial orchids and faux trees need no feeding and no watering, and you needn’t worry about the central heating or any other of the environmental conditions that most exotic plants such as orchids need to stay alive.

As with any artificial silk plants for sale, your potted artificial orchids need no more than an occasion wipe-over to keep them clean, and as for the faux trees – well, you don’t expect trees to be pristine clean, do you? It’s sufficient for the leaves and trunks to look natural and move with the wind.