Using Silk Floral Arrangements to Show the Seasons

Silk floral arrangements have become very natural-looking and many cannot be distinguished from the real flowers by sight. You have to feel them to tell the difference, although artificial flower technology has now advanced to the stage where you cannot tell the difference between real lilies and silk calla lilies even by touch – they both feel the same. Silk Rose Vase Arrangement

You will probably also add smell to that, although there are scents available that can be added to silk flowers to make them smell genuine as well as look it. So all of your senses can be fooled – except taste probably, but who eats their home floral arrangements? Do not answer that question!

All joking aside, what we are saying here is that most people cannot tell the difference between genuine flower displays and artificial silk floral arrangements. That said, why should people use fake flower arrangements rather than genuine ones? There are too many reasons to state here, although the two major ones are that the silk flowers last forever (to all intents and purposes), and also need no watering or feeding.

Such faux flower arrangements can be used to depict each season as it passes. You have no need to trawl the flower shops looking for seasonal blooms, but can select the best silk floral arrangements online for each season and bring them out each year.  Whether you are using them at home or in your office, last year’s display will be good for this year – unlike real flowers that will have withered away.

Let’s have a brief examination of the types of silk flower arrangements that are available each season, and whether or not you can use those that are truly representative of spring, summer and so on.

Seasonal Silk Floral Arrangements: Spring

We shall start with spring since that is the start of most natural life. The types of flowers we are most used to seeing in spring are the spring bulbs:  snowdrops, crocuses, hyacinths, narcissus, daffodils and then the tulips. You can display a beautiful vase of 18 spring tulips in your home, every one of them a silk tulip of the highest degree of artistry.

These silk flowers are genuine works of art, there is no denying it and they look absolutely superb!  So do silk floral arrangements of artificial roses, lilies, and mixed silk orchids and grasses. Each of these flower arrangements are worth a great deal more than you would pay for them because of their life in comparison with that of the genuine plants.

Seasonal Silk Floral Arrangements: Summer

Summer need hardly be discussed here because almost all flowers are blooming in summer. However, it’s not how they look in summer that often counts, because many prefer sunflowers once they have dried out and have that glowing yellowish orange shade.

When you buy silk flower arrangements with summer blooms, you can practically choose what you want. However, not many florists can make you up the type of floral arrangements that an online vendor of artificial flowers can offer. That is because the latter has no need for perishable stock:  fake flowers last for as long as you want them to last, and the same is true for your selection of silk summer flowers.

Seasonal Silk Floral Arrangements: Fall or Autumn

That ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’ according to John Keats is the favorite season for many people and many poets and artists. That is because of the wonderfully glowing oranges, yellows and reds that are associated with the season – not the bright reds of roses or an apple, but the glowing redness of a copper beach or fallen leaves that, to Americans, give the season its logical name.

It follows that fall arrangements are available only in autumn – unless you use silk floral arrangements using artificial fallen leaves, golden grasses and nuts and berries.  Think of golden-orange maple leaves, yellow oak leaves and the wonderful pine and fir cones you find lying on the ground where these trees grow. Then imaging them all combined into a beautiful display that can be imitated in silk and other fibers.

You can combine such seasonal offerings from nature to create beautiful golden candle holders that would grace any table, or wonderfully mystic silk flower arrangements in oranges and reds that look great in any setting: your home, office desk or even the top table of a wedding reception! Only your imagination can limit their uses.

When using silk floral arrangements for any purpose, always keep in mind that your imagination is king, and that you can create wonderful effects by using such artificial flowers in certain combinations to blow the minds of any guest or visitors to your home or office, no matter what the season is.

Cleaning Your Silk Plants, Flowers & Trees

Some people think it’s hard to clean silk plants, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. There is actually minimal maintenance required when owning artificial plants for your home and office decor. The same goes for cleaning your fake flowers as well, simply your plant or arrangements outside and spray it down with a silk flower and plant cleaner. This will help ensure your faux plants stay looking like new and maintain their natural shine.

Make sure you always use a good silk plant cleaner, one with a fast drying formula is usually your best option. This means you will not have to wipe any of the foliage after the initial application of the cleaning spray. Just simply spray once to remove dust particles or any other debris that may have formed on your indoor artificial plants, flowers & trees.

Product Features:

  • Cleaning Made Easy
  • 10 Ounce Can
  • Safe for the Environment

Using Silk Floor Plants to Impress Your Clients

It is easy to impress your clients by using silk floor plants in your office and reception areas. They offer advantages to offices that no genuine plants can, and are not only enduring but are also extremely beautiful in appearance, very difficult to distinguish from the original. Yes, nobody can emulate nature, but these artificial floor plants are as close to the real thing as you will even see.

Imagine your reception area with a gorgeous floor-standing orchid and a planter containing a 42 inch tall cycas and croton plant arrangement – beautiful greenery combined with nature’s most exotic blooms – all in silk that not only looks almost exactly like the originals, but that will last longer and need no feeding or watering.

Silk Dracaena Floor Plant

Silk Dracaena Floor Plant

In many respects silk floor plants are not only often confused for natural plants, but look more vibrant and attractive than their genuine equivalents in an office environment. That is because, while the genuine plant certainly looks great in its natural environment, those used in offices tend to look duller and limper than they should. That is because they are not receiving the ideal amount of water, nutrition and sunlight, and so are not undergoing their natural metabolic processes.

Processes such as respiration and transpiration are affected by the office environment and frequency of watering, while photosynthesis depends to a large extent on sunlight rather than office lighting. In those offices that operate 24 hours where the plant is never in the dark, the balance between respiration and photosynthesis is unnatural. These variations from natural conditions generally result in the plant having an unnatural limp and faded look.

Not so silk floor plants that retain their vibrancy and realistic appearance irrespective of ambient conditions. As long as they get a wipe over with a damp cloth or commercial cleaner, their colors are as bright as the day they were made.

Your show of plants therefore look great irrespective of office conditions, how old they are or even what time of day it is. A five-foot collinea palm plant looks just as vibrant and lush in your reception area at midnight as it does at noon – and will look just the same in 20 years time as it does today.

The advantage of silk plants, whether they are bright blooms on a table or desk, or lush greenery in planters on your office or reception floor, is that they are not affected by environment, unnatural office lighting, erratic watering and feeding and they do not age, wilt, wither or lose color. Nor do they make a mess, such as falling leaves or water splashes, and they do not attract insects.

Silk trees are another option that will supplement your artificial floor plants perfectly. From 5 ft to over 12 ft high, you can choose from a wide range of false trees such as a beautiful ficus or magnificently gnarled Japanese maple. You might prefer a fabulous silver birch rising 10 feet into the air and fashioned on a genuine silver birch trunk.

Whichever type of silk tree you select, it is sure to impress your clients and astound visitors. The overall effect of such an artificial tree together with a selection of faux orchids and silk floor plants would provide your reception with a bright, natural look that could be further enhanced with an appropriate perfume to offer a spectacular show assailing the senses of sight and smell.

You can even extend this out into your courtyard or parking area. One option is a 12 foot silver birch or alder complemented by some planters with silk cycas palms or mixed grasses. Or perhaps a 14 foot artificial bamboo with smaller tubs of grasses scattered around. You have plenty options available to make good use of silk trees and silk floor plants to use a unique form of décor for your office – inside or out.

Why do they look so natural? Fundamentally, because they are made from silk or a synthetic fiber such as polyester, that can be stiffened to look natural either by using gelatin or something similar, or by pressing them into molds using heat. The molds are crafted by professionals then the fabric cut and pressed in with heat – that shapes the fabric into a permanent representation of the real leaf. They are then painted by artists to reproduce the colors and shade gradations of the original plant.

When made correctly by professional skilled artists, silk plants look just like the originals and the leaves and petals hang and move in the wind just like the real thing. They are next to impossible to tell from the genuine plant just by looking at them, and you have to feel them to notice that they are artificial.

Using silk floor plants is one of the more striking ways of decorating your office, and is certain to impress your clients and other visitors. They are remarkably inexpensive when compared to the continuing costs of using genuine plants.

Why Use Artificial Trees Rather Than Real Ones?

It’s a good question – why should you use artificial trees rather than real trees? Most people view silk or false plants as just that: artificial, and much inferior to the real thing, but is that really the case? When you consider the reason for having plants of any kind in your home or office building, what can artificial trees and plants not do that real ones can?

For a start they cannot fade away every year. They cannot suffer disease and cannot die when you forget to water them. They cannot look jaded as they age, and cannot drop their leaves and petals everywhere. If that’s not enough ‘cannots’ for you, they also cannot fail to impress people with their authenticity.

Faux Trees Have Their Place

Many people use artificial plants in their home and office because they do not have the time to care for genuine plants. However, silk trees are a different beast altogether. They are larger, there is a smaller selection of faux trees available and they tend not to be as colorful as the beautiful spring and summer flowers that many prefer.

Nevertheless, artificial trees have their place and are also used in offices, public areas and in homes to provide the natural effect that many people want. Obviously, you cannot purchase large oaks or sycamores, but you can find a large range of artificial trees for sale online at anything from 5 feet tall to around 14 feet. That is high enough for any home or office.

Some people use them as room dividers, while others use them to make their patios look more natural. While a nice 8-foot faux bamboo on your patio will look good, artificial plants do not take well to being used outdoors due to the weather. Extended periods of rain can affect them, although it is generally fine to give them a hosing down twice a year to keep them clean.

What Makes a Good Artificial Tree?

What should you be looking for in an artificial tree? Its quality should be the same whether it is for your home, your office, or even for the atrium of a large conference complex. Irrespective of its use, silk trees should be hand-crafted by artists that paint each leaf to be exactly like the original that nature created.

Each individual component should be pressed in molds crafted by artisans who can almost match nature in its beautiful symmetry and perfection of design. If you look carefully at the best artificial trees, not all leaves are the same. With cheaper false flowers, bushes and trees, you will find that every component is the same, but that is not how nature does it, and is not how the best silk leaves are crafted: they vary in their graduation of color and in their shape, size and they way they curl.

That is how the best artificial trees are produced: just as nature does, and not with each component being exactly the same as its neighbor. The best faux plants, from small flowers to trees, are hand painted, and not just dipped into a bath of green dye. You get what you pay for, and if you want a faux cherry blossom as close to nature as possible, then each petal should be painted by hand so that each is different as nature intended.

Making Faux Trees Look More Natural

Faux trees look natural enough without you having to change them in any way. However, it is possible to add to their looks in a few simple ways. First, you could spade some real earth into the containers holding them – or bury them into the floor of your reception area or atrium, then top up with earth or compost. Some people even grow genuine flowering plants around them, which has the effect of making the artificial tree look more natural!

Whatever idea you have, silk trees look natural enough without requiring these enhancements. They fool many people into believing they are real, and some even have birds roosting in them. They tend not to attract insects, although you will have to clear the spider webs away once or twice a year. Apart from that they need very little looking after other than the occasional hose down to keep them sparkling clean. But then again, what real trees are sparkling clean? Who hoses them down apart from nature during rainstorms?

Why use artificial trees rather than real ones? A lack of destructive roots is one reason, a lack of insect infestation is another and the fact that you have no need to feed them, water them or stunt their growth is a third. Finally, silk trees are removable, and you can change the look of your office, atrium or reception area whenever you feel like it.

Using Artificial Plants for Enclosed Car Parks and Drives

Using artificial plants in your car park or drive is one way to ensure that you have a great show of plants and flowers in areas that often tend to be drab and lifeless.  Many businesses use faux plants outside the office, in enclosed parking areas or in their reception area to present a neat appearance to the approach to their place of business, and who can blame them?

Genuine plants have this annoying habit of being natural. They tend to be blasted by high winds and cannot be brushed up again, and also tend to lose their plumage – the decorative leaves and flowers for which they were selected.

While this might be a tongue-in-cheek criticism of nature, it is nevertheless true, and if you are looking for a permanent fabulous-looking approach to your plant, office or even for your driveway at home, artificial plants offer an excellent alternative to the real thing. However, make sure with your vendor that your faux plants are suitable for outside use, because many are not.

Using Faux Plants in Your Drive

Using faux plants in your drive enables you to select any flowering plant, shrub, bush or even tree you like without worrying that it will change with the seasons. Sure, a hydrangea in full flower in winter would look out of place, but there would be nothing amiss with a selection of 10-14 foot bamboos, or a beautiful 7 foot silk ficus tree lining your drive.

Add a few artificial grasses and mangos interspersed with one or two flowering rose bushes or bromeliad to add a splash of color and you would have a magnificent approach to your home – or even a means of decorating your front garden or drive without all the hard work!

There is one proviso, however.  Artificial plants tend not to tolerate excessive dampness and temperature extremes, so if your climate is temperate and you tend to get a lot of rain, snow and hail, then you would perhaps be better not to use false plants of any kind in external locations,

Using Artificial Plants for Commercial Premises

Using artificial plants outdoors is also a great idea for commercial premises. Many businesses use faux plants outside their offices, not only to reduce the cost of maintenance, but also to impress clients and other visitors. A visitor’s car park looks great with exotic artificial grasses and bamboos lining the walkways between the parking bays- this is particularly so with indoor or underground car parking facilities.

Once they enter the atrium or reception area your visitors will be really impressed by your flower arrangements such as a beautiful lily, rose & snapdragon centerpiece by the receptionist’s desk, or a stunning vase of snow-white amaryllis.

When they take their seats waiting to meet their contact they can enjoy the silk birch, ficus or maple that can stand as tall as your reception area will permit. Then when they are taken to meet the executive they are visiting in his or her office, they will be astounded by the stunningly exotic mixture of orchids & calla lilies sitting on their desk, displayed in a container specifically chosen to show these magnificent blooms to their best advantage.

What this presents to your clients is an impressive display of the best modern artificial plants that they will be unable to detect as being false unless they touch and feel them. Starting with their approach to your office space, the underground or enclosed car park, continued through the atrium and reception area and finally the executive office showing the most exotic orchid displays that nature can produce: only they are faux orchids that look exactly like their genuine counterparts.

Use Your Imagination

Employing a bit of imagination while using artificial plants outside can add to the impression of authenticity. While you and your employees, neighbors and friends might know that you are using faux plants outside, there is no need to advertise the fact, and you can do a lot to make them look even more real.

Judicious use of a water spray can give them that early morning dewy look, and you can also purchase artificial insects such as ladybugs and bees to make them look even better. Sure, most will eventually cotton on, but first impressions count. Even if those first impressions are later revised when they find you are using artificial plants, your clients and visitors will nevertheless be impressed by your ingenuity.

Not only that, but many will never know that you are using artificial plants, and those first impressions will be in their minds – even if they do know. It’s a psychological thing, and getting clients to admire your style is a big step forward. offer you a massive range of artificial plants for use indoors, and the great thing about silk plants is that they can be used anywhere.  Many people who use our artificial plants and flowers retain this innate feeling that outdoor plants cannot be used indoors, and that orchids will die if they are left outdoors in winter. In other words, they apply principles that apply to genuine plants to their faux plants.

In a way, that is a complement to us, because our plants look so real that our customers find it difficult to look on them as being made of silk or synthetic fibers. However, it is true:  our orchids, whether they be vanda, cymbidium or phalaenopsis, or any other of our species, will last just as long in an underground or enclosed car park as they will decorating the entrance to a reception area outside a commercial office.

Unique Artificial Orchids for Your Home & Office

Its takes a great deal of experience and artistic flair to be able to achieve this, and while nobody will ever claim to be able to recreate nature’s true beauty, experienced artists can go a long way and certainly sufficient to create a work of art that looks genuine to the eye of most people. Each orchid flower in professionally created artificial orchids is as unique as those in the genuine plant.

Many seek faux trees for patios, hallways and even the atrium of many top hotels display trees that appear genuine to most, but are in fact faux trees that have been created with a similar eye for detail as created these wonderful artificial orchids. Silk floor plants are truly beautiful whether they are maples, orchids or simple pansies. To go with these you have a wide choice of artificial greenery to complement the flowers and offer a professionally natural finish to the effect.

Why would people prefer to use silk floor plants rather than the genuine natural living flower or tree? Part of the reason has already been mentioned: although artificial plants are often more expensive than the real thing to begin with, they last longer. Have you ever tried to tend to an orchid, particularly in the busy environment of a restaurant or hotel, or even in your own home with its wide range of environmental conditions?

Even Spiders are Fooled . . .

Artificial orchids last much longer, and can be stored when not required. Faux trees do not attract insects and have no roots to undermine foundations. Artificial greenery is insect free, needing just an occasional brush to remove dust. No feeding, no insecticides in your home, hotel or restaurant and no watering required that is easily forgotten. You can safely go on vacation without trying to rig up some form of automatic watering system!

Artificial silk floor plants are trouble-free, and your artificial orchids will impress every visitor. Your faux trees will add another dimension to an entrance hall or patio, or even to a large room. Botanists are frequently fooled by the craftsmanship that goes into artificial plants: all you need is the occasional wipe and brush-over to remove the occasional spider – if they can’t tell the difference, how can you!

Long Stem Pink Silk Roses

A silk flower arrangement of artificial roses in a vase is a great gift idea for Valentine’s Day. It showcases pink silk flower stems in a 10″ glass flower vase. You can choose between several colors including red, yellow, orange, pink and white to name a few.This arrangements comes as shown in the image or you cane easily order each piece individually and recreate it yourself.

Long Stem Pink Silk Rose Arrangement

Pink Silk Rose Arrangement

It is arranged with tall silk grass and utilizes acrylic water to give it a more realistic look. The acrylic water simply hardens withing the vase, giving you the illusion of freshly cut rose stems in water. The best part is this arrangements will require very little maintenance on your end and will also last for years to come.

Product Features:

  • 22″H x 10″W
  • Lifelike & Realistic Feel
  • Displayed in 10″ Glass Flower Vase

Silk Mango Floor Plants

The very long, green leaves of  a mango tree offer you a green and burgundy foliage, perfect for you house or office decor. Silk mango floor plants make a great alternative to their live counterparts and are virtually maintenance free. Artificial mango plants work great with interiors containing  maple or mahogany and make is easy to liven up any surrounding you choose. This fake tropical plant is handcrafted, giving your decor a realistic and life-like appeal.


Product Features:

  • 3.5’H x 28″W
  • Dense Silk Foliage
  • Vibrant Green & Burgundy Leaves