I love plants, but aren’t silk plants a poor substitute for the real thing?
A few years ago, artificial plants were either cheap plastic fake plants, or expensive, delicate, handcrafted silk plants. This has changed, and modern manufacturers have made quantum leaps in technology, painstakingly dissecting plants and creating detailed brass molds.

These techniques ensure that the tiniest details are replicated perfectly, making the latest generation of silk plants practically indistinguishable from the real thing. With the use of modern materials, such as polyester, silk plant manufacturers can replicate the delicate shades of foliage and petals. Realistic silk plants incorporate polyester, natural materials and plastic into the design.

Why are artificial plants still called silk plants?
Artificial plant manufacturers and retailers are a very conservative bunch and, whilst silk is only one of the many materials used to make realistic silk plants and silk flowers, they still use the older terms.

You say that artificial plants are a low maintenance option. What care do they need?
When we say low maintenance, we mean low maintenance. We advise that you dust your silk plants, as part of your regular cleaning regime, and apply a proprietary cleaning solution twice yearly. We stock specialist cleaning products, ensuring that caring for your silk plants and silk flowers really is a simple process.