Silk Plants

Displaying high quality silk plants in your home or office can be a great way to add vibrancy, life, and a touch of nature to every room.  Whether you’re searching for a subtle accent to a room or a large number of artificial plants for a lobby or entrance way, you’ll find silk designer plants offer a variety of expertly crafted decor.

Well-designed silk plants never look artificial and don’t require the time and maintenance that real plants need. Unlike the silk plants of decades past, or the cheaper varieties sold by most retailers, modern artificial plants are incredibly lifelike and resistant to fading.  In fact, many popular silk plant varieties can be a naturally beautiful accent to any décor, adding a sense of warmth and life to your living or workspace at a fraction of the maintenance requirements of live plants.

High quality silk floor plants make it easy to decorate your home or office with a variety of allergy-free artificial plants that require little maintenance. Parlor palms are one of the more requested silk floor plants. Its bright variation in color and detailed structure add distinct character to any room. This item is a tasteful addition to any office. Dracaenas makes a wonderful accent to any home or office. Its lush foliage and natural, lifelike trunks will stun guests and visitors alike. Cycas palms are a popular silk floor plant that no office should go without. Its one of a kind design will intrigue your guests and add an air of sophistication to any professional space.  Silk bushes can subtly compliment both hardwood floors and ornamental rugs alike.  These decorative silk floor plants are only some of the wide variety of artificial greenery available to consumers of silk goods.

Sometimes a floor-standing silk plant is too large for the space you wish to accent.  To address the need for smaller decorative plants, you’ll find silk plants and other greenery that are designed for fitting in cubicles and cabinet-tops. With their cascading design and lifelike silk foliage, specially designed silk plants are perfect for placement on mantles, armoire tops, bookcases, or above kitchen cabinets.   From the classic holland silk ivy to the waxy green hues of lifelike pothos, there is an artificial ivy plant that is right for cabinet or filetop.

For the smaller spaces in homes and offices where floor space is limited, today’s market offers a wide and varied selection of silk plants that fit nicely onto any of your tabletops.  Lifelike wandering jews and delicate silk ferns are among the most popular accent pieces in modern home and office decorating.  The exceptionally lifelike appearance of silk ivy ensures that each artificial tabletop plant enhances the appearance of your decor for years to come with minimal maintenance.

Elegant hanging silk plants can be placed in any room of your office or home, bringing with them a vibrant burst of life and color. Silk greenery such as a hanging pothos planter is a great way to add a fresh and inviting feel to your decor. The natural appearance created by top-quality silk hanging ivy looks so real, you’ll be tempted to touch it to see for yourself.  And it truly is effortless to keep the shine and luster of your new silk plant for years to come.  An occasional dusting as part of your regular home or office upkeep will keep your hanging silk plants looking new for a long time.

Extraordinarily realistic silk shelf plants bring you all of the beauty of live plants without the hassle of maintenance. Choose from a variety of sizes and styles to find the silk greenery that meets your needs. A small silk plant on top of a shelf often all that is needed to finish a room’s decor.   From silk ivies to artificial potted pansies, petite silk plants can add instant elegance and a refreshing dash of greenery to any décor.

There is a difference you can feel when a home or office is decorated with silk plants  – nothing makes a space more inviting than the silk greenery of a handcrafted floor plant or the painstaking craftsmanship an artificial ivy planter.  Ordering top quality artificial flowers, plants, and trees online is fun and easy.  Begin your search for gorgeous, lifelike artificial plants today.