Hanging Silk Plants: Artificial Flowers and Plants for Hanging Baskets and Sconces

Hanging silk plants are very popular at specific times of the year. For example, during the Holiday Period, those that celebrate Christmas like floral wreaths hanging from their door, and in the spring a hanging basket of trailing flowers and greenery looks fabulous attached to the wall of your house.

Internally, wall sconces filled with faux floral cascades look great and are also good conversation pieces, particularly if filled with artificial silk flowers created just for this purpose. In saying ‘created’, hanging silk plants are true reproductions of real plants, and not just products of the artist’s imagination.

They are produced from professionally crafted moulds carefully filled with melted artificial fibers that are then painted to look just like the original flowers and plants. In this way, artificial silk plants are created that cannot be distinguished from the original other than by touch. The creation of these faux plants is a genuine work of art, and genuine artists are used to reproduce the uniqueness of every petal and leaf.

Hanging Silk Plants Look Real

Many artificial plants have a plastic appearance and do not look real, but those offered by Silk Plants Today look just as nature intended, and far superior to these cheaper alternatives. Hanging baskets filled with our hanging silk plants and artificial flowers look real and nobody will be able to tell they are not genuine until they actually feel them.

Silk plants suitable for hanging baskets and sconces include a wide variety of trailing ivies which look natural when hanging over the side of the container, cascading begonias and the wonderful variety of greenery offered by trailing pothos vines. Beautifully variegated artificial silk spider plants can also be used, and for the internal areas you could use a silk wandering Jew, and hydrangeas and lilies as a centerpiece.

In fact any artificial silk flowers could be used in the center of a hanging display with the naturally cascading silk plants round the edges. There are many examples of these offered as a ready-made display, such an assortment of a silk wandering Jew with variegated fittonia and berries that you can use as a hanging basket, or wall sconces containing a variety of our silk plants selected specifically for that purpose.

Although hanging silk plants offer many benefits, such as the lack of a need to fertilize and water them, and the fact that they never die and can be displayed irrespective of the time of year or ambient temperature and humidity, they also have some disadvantages.

Adding Fragrance to the Mix

Probably the main drawback of artificial plants of any type, not only hanging silk plants, is the lack of fragrance. That is one area where Mother Nature defeats us: the natural perfume of beautiful plants and flowers. The fresh smell of natural greenery and the beautiful scent of lilacs, roses and many other natural flowers are missing in false plants. Sure, you could spray them with a perfumed spray, but that doesn’t last long and it doesn’t smell natural in any case.

If you have the need for scent in your home, some use scented candles or reed diffusers. Electrical diffusers will do just as well, but they don’t have the same natural look as reed diffusers. Choose the scents to match the type of floral displays you are using.

For example, if you are using faux greenery in the form of mixed variegated grasses, or hanging silk plants such as a selection of ivies and perhaps vines such as pothos, use a reed diffuser or oil burner with a spicy fragrance such as cinnamon or sandalwood. These generally go well with greenery.

Essential Oils or Potpourri?

If you have a silk floral theme, try to match your oil or candle with the predominant flower in your display, or failing that, try vanilla. This is a very popular home fragrance and goes with a wide variety of greens and flowers. You could also try potpourri, which can offer a more natural floral fragrance if that is what you are after. Either make your own using essential oils or buy a commercial mixture that meets most of your needs.

This type of fragrance gives a more natural smell to a home filled with hanging silk plants that are otherwise sterile of scent and therefore unnatural. This is the one disadvantage of artificial plants, although you can overcome it in the main by following the above advice.

Generally, then, hanging silk plants offer a very practical means of providing beautiful hanging and wall displays of flowers and greenery, and many of the floral arrangements available are truly magnificent. If the lack of fragrance from artificial plants worries you, then you can offer a more natural experience by the judicious selection of fragrant oils and burners or reed diffusers, or use an appropriate potpourri. Then you can offer the true silk floral experience.