Silk Cabinet-Top Plants: Using Artificial Plants at High Level

Silk cabinet-top plants can be used at high levels to brighten up otherwise dull parts of a room. Examples of these include top shelves that are used for nothing other than to collect dust, cabinet-tops that would otherwise be bare, and even for the tops of kitchen cabinets that most people would rather be invisible!

Those areas of furniture that most people can do nothing with can be transformed into a feature in many homes. Have you ever thought of placing a lit aquarium tank on top of an otherwise dull cabinet, and surrounding it with some gorgeous orchids either side? Before long, you will have to offer neck braces to your visitors who are more interested in your cabinet-top display that the rest of your room d├ęcor!

It’s amazing what a little imagination can do, and you can even brighten up the top of a kitchen cabinet with a few cabinet-top plants. That’s one part of their kitchen that almost all women would rather hide from their guests, but with the right choice of artificial plants you could convert it into a highlight.

What Silk Cabinet-top Plants Are Best?

You can use just about any faux plant on top of a cabinet or high shelf, although low lying plants tend to look best. You can choose from a wide range of grasses, for example, and match their shade to your requirement.

A bedroom armoire tends to be crafted in stained and polished hardwood, such as maple or cherry. A beautiful assortment of grasses and ferns in a range of glowing oranges, deep reds and rich green shades would look fabulous sitting on top of your armoire in a matching wooden planter.

This would not be overpowering at only 22 inches high and 42 inches wide, and would blend perfectly with the wood of your armoire and the rest of your bedroom furniture. If you think 22 inches just a bit too tall for a silk cabinet-top plant, then a planter containing 11 inch high gorgeous rich burgundy grape ivy would be ideal.

Think of the Height

When you select artificial plants for a cabinet-top, you should first think of the cabinet height. What looks imposing on your dresser might not look so powerful when sitting at height on top of a kitchen cabinet or even on a filing cabinet in your office. On the other hand, if it is too high it might hit the ceiling and that would also look inappropriate.

What you need are silk cabinet-top plants that blend well with their surrounding and also look appropriate with regard to their height. You can choose from a wide range of different plant types, such as grasses, ivies, flowering plants and miscellaneous greenery, and some people even like orchids on fairly low cabinet tops, such as lower level bookcases. No plants are disallowed. Use your imagination and creative ability – everybody has some!

How do You Choose?

First look to the practicalities. Silk cabinet-top plants have several advantages over real plants, including no need to water or feed them, and the fact that they do not drop leaves or petals, and neither do they spill water, attract insects or get disfiguring viruses. That in itself is sufficient cause to use artificial plants rather than their genuine equivalents.

As for height, you should not use tall plants at height because they will look out of place. In fact, the taller the cabinet then the shorter the plant should be. A cabinet at, say, 6 feet high can easily take a four-foot plant display but a tall cabinet top looks best with shorter artificial plant arrangement.

Choose the foliage according the room decor. As suggested earlier, if your silk cabinet-top plant is standing on an item of furniture in real wood, such as an armoire, wooden kitchen cabinet or even on the top shelf of an entertainment center in your lounge or sitting room, then oranges, reds and browns would match very well. Otherwise you have a vast choice of greenery, such as Bermuda grass or silk pothos planters.

If you like the idea of hanging or trailing plants, cascading down from the top level of a living room display unit, then you have a choice of faux ivy or fittonia and coleus, or even wandering Jew if you want a dash of color. You could add an occasional purple silk trailing lobelia or other flowering plant.

Artificial plants can look magnificent in your home at high level, but not all silk cabinet-top plants must be foliage. A magnificent display of artificial chrysanthemums, hydrangeas and berries in an 18 high arrangement would grace any cabinet-top, bookcase top or even the top of an otherwise dull kitchen cabinet or armoire.

What you should keep in mind is that there is no such thing as a display that is intended only for one purpose or another (apart from a wedding corsage), and that the silk cabinet-top plants you choose for your home or office can be any plant of your choice that looks good where you put it. When using artificial plants at high level, simply follow your heart and your eyes – what looks good is good irrespective of the accepted rules and customs.

Here at, we can offer a wide range of beautiful silk cabinet-top plant reviews that should meet any need that you have for this type of home decor. If we do not, email us with your requirement and we will see what you can do to help you.