Silk Floor Plants for Your Home or Office

Silk floor plants such as silk orchids and faux trees look absolutely fabulous in a conservatory, large hall, an office reception area or in a hotel or restaurant. The type of plant is immaterial: they look real and can be very impressive or decorative, depending on the type of artificial plant you choose.

You can buy all types of silk floor plants, such as artificial orchids, pot plants such as silk azaleas, artificial ivy and silk fern or as faux trees that look just like the real thing. These artificial silk floor plants will withstand any degree of scrutiny until someone actually touches them when they will receive a big surprise to find they are actually false.

The Crafting of Artificial Silk Plants

They are genuinely that good, and are a credit to the master craftsmen that made them. Here at Silk Plants Today, we pride ourselves on the standard of the craftsmen we use to produce these works of art – because that is what they are. These artisans carefully engrave molds in the form of individual leaves, petals and all the other components of a genuine plant. They know that not all leaves and petals look the same, and recreate the differences that nature has endowed on the real plants.

They then melt synthetic fibers into the molds. Genuine silk petals and leaves will be no more than rough representations because silk cannot be molded in this way. In that respect, synthetic fibers are better than real silk and can create more realistic leaves and petals. The leaves and petals are released from the molds and then carefully painted to reproduce the striations and graduations of color and tone seen in genuine leaves.

The intensity of color often seen at the petal edges is carefully recreated, and the final results are artificial silk floor plants that faithfully reproduce the originals. Yes, nobody can truly reproduce the wonders of nature, but this is about as close as you can get, and is the product that we offer you, here at Silk Plants Today.

Real Silk is an Unsuitable Medium

They may not always be genuine silk, but they are better reproductions than real silk is capable of offering. Silk cannot reproduce the differences in shape, size and strength of the leaves, petals, sepals and stems that synthetic resins can, and the artificial silk floor plants that we offer to you are faithful reproductions of the real plant.

Even our faux trees look like the real thing, and very often also feel like it. If you have a need for an artificial tree in your hotel foyer, your office reception area or even in your conservatory at home, then our faux trees are almost impossible to distinguish from real trees – even your dog might not tell the difference!

Benefits of Silk Floor Plants

There are many benefits of using artificial silk floor plants, not the least of which is cost. If you do not already have a tree where you want one, you will find it less expensive to purchase a faux tree that looks just like the real thing. The same is true of artificial silk floor plants such as silk orchids, where you will save big time over the long term by using artificial plants rather than buying real live ones.
Live plants need feeding, watering, kept in a stable environment with regard to temperature and humidity and also have to be kept free of insects and other pests. In other words, maintenance costs are high. Silk floor plants only need dusting, or an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth and they will last forever – even if you go on a 4-week vacation. Try that with your real orchid!

The WOW Factor!

There is nothing to be gained by using genuine floor plants and a great deal to be lost. People will not swoon over real plants but when they find out that your apparently genuine-looking silk floor plants are in fact artificial, they will be amazed and will want to know more about them. They are the perfect conversation pieces, and your acumen might even get you some new business if you have them in your reception area or even your office.

There is not a great deal of difference in looks and visual ‘Wow’ factor between artificial plants and real plants. However, when your visitors find that these beautiful orchids or trees are actually artificial silk floor plants, they will be ‘wowed’ and will want to know more about them. So go along with us, and check out the range of fabulous silk floor plants we have to offer you – and every single one is crafted by professional artists. You will go a long way to find better!