Silk Shelf Plants Add Character to a Shelf or Cabinet Top

Silk shelf plants are ideal for a shelf or cabinet top that would otherwise look empty or bleak, and needing something to brighten it up. There are several benefits of using artificial plants on shelves and higher areas in addition to the general benefits of artificial flowers and arrangements.

Silk shelf plants can add warmth to bare shelving, and also break up the stark line of a cabinet top, particularly if they are cascading artificial silk plants such as ivy, wandering Jew or silk pothos plants hanging down gracefully from a shelf. There is a wide range of such plants available online, and with a bit of luck you might be able to choose those that best suit your home or office d├ęcor.

Cascading silk shelf plants such as these are useful for mantels, bookcase tops and for the top of kitchen cabinets – always very stark , and your kitchen would look great with some trailing and hanging shelf plants to break up the starkness of kitchen cabinets that are not fitted up to the ceiling.

Benefits of Silk Shelf Plants

Among the benefits of silk shelf plants are their lack of maintenance. You don’t want to have to feed and water flowers or greenery sitting at a high level, and all you need do with silk plants is give them a quick dust now and again, and perhaps a wipe, particularly if they are in your kitchen. They tend to retain their fresh color very well, and are not affected by variations in temperature such as you can get in many homes, particularly the kitchen.

They also last longer: silk plants do not age and are not seasonal, so your blooms and greenery will remain bright and fresh forever. Your foliage plants won’t shed leaves, and are much cleaner and easier to tend than the genuine article. They don’t attract insects, and there is no danger of water damage to the surrounding surfaces.

Options in Silk Shelf Plants

You have a wide range of artificial plants suitable for shelves and high surfaces. Not all locations are suitable for trailing ivies or cascading silk pothos vines, but a selection of silk grasses and artificial ferns in a fabulous planter would look magnificent on top of a book case or otherwise empty shelf. Something similar would also be suitable for a cabinet top where the door has to open so trailing plants would be unsuitable.

A relatively low bookcase top would look good with one or two silk orchids, or perhaps a bowl of silk geraniums, anthurium, cyclamen or begonia Rex. Come December you could bring out your everlasting artificial silk poinsettia. That’s another advantage of using silk shelf plants: you can purchase seasonal plants and bring them out each season so you don’t get bored with the same old artificial blooms all the time.

You can change them as often as you like, and you don’t have to shell out more cash every time because they can literally last forever. Not only that, but you have a fabulous range to choose from online without having to wander round the various florists till you find what you want. You will find beautiful silk flowers and hanging vines online that you have never heard of before.

You can also choose from a range of wonderful silk flower arrangements, and beautiful pots and holders for them. Faux trees and floor plants enables you to create a unique environment in your home, your conservatory or on your patio without worrying whether tropical plants will last the winter.

Each of these beautiful silk shelf plants and artificial cabinet floral arrangements are carefully crafted by professional artists. The leaves and petals are molded with melted artificial silk so they retain the shape and contour while remaining soft to the touch. They are then hand-painted using water colors and other forms of paint to faithfully reproduce the look of the original, while maintaining the unique nature of each individual petal and leaf. Artificial fibers are better than real silk, because the latter cannot properly retain the true natural appearance of a leaf or petal.

Most people find it impossible to tell the difference between the genuine and the artificial silk shelf plants just by looking at them, and have to feel them to be persuaded that their eyes are being fooled by a high level of craftsmanship and professional artwork.

If you have any of those bare shelves or cabinet and bookcase tops that need decorating, then look no further than silk shelf plants. Either individual artificial plants or ready-made arrangements will turn bare shelves into beautiful showcases for the most wonderful plant displays imaginable. If you have it in your mind, then you can create it with artificial flowers and plants.