Silk Table-Top Plants: Why Many Prefer Artificial Plants to the Real Thing

Many prefer silk table-top plants to the real thing created by nature. Why is it that so many people would prefer the artificial to the natural, when surely nobody can recreate nature’s beauty in silk or any other material made by animal or man? Or can they? Let’s have a look at silk plants and why they have become so popular.

First, what are silk table-top plants and how are they made? Firstly, they are not made from silk! Yes, in the early days of artificial flowers, silk was used to create the fine petals and leaves due to its softness, but these types of silk plants did not in any way challenge the natural look of genuine plants. Silk was too pliable and floppy to hold the shape of a leaf or petal, and they were poor imitations at best.

How Artificial Silk Plants are Made

Today’s artificial silk plants are created from molds. Professional artists and sculptors form molds of real leafs and petals and then melt artificial fibers into the molds, so that when they harden they are very pliable but nevertheless maintain the shape of the original part of the plant. In this way the stalks, leaves, petals, sepals, stamen and other parts of the plant can be reproduced to look just like the original.

Skilled artists then paint the color, using water colors or other media where appropriate to achieve the correct gradation of color. The color highlights around the edges of the petals and in the center of the plant and the striations out from the center, including the veins of the leaves, are painstakingly recreated so that the finished product is indistinguishable to the eye from the original.

Sure, if you get right up close you might spot the differences, and you certainly would if you touched the plant, but otherwise artificial silk table-top plants look just like the originals in every way.

Such plants are used to grace table-tops the world over, whether these are dining tables, display tables or even sideboards and other items of furniture. They are very popular as wedding centerpieces, where they have graced the tables of countless weddings all around the world.

The Benefits of Choosing Silk Table-Top Plants

Beautiful silk orchids, artificial ivy, ferns and other greenery and fabulous silk floral displays would grace any table in any home, conservatory, restaurant, hotel or company reception area, and there are many compelling advantages offered by these artificial silk plants over the real ones.

Silk table-top plants require no watering and no feeding, and are therefore clean and easy to maintain. For that reason, they are very useful to hotels and restaurants, although not just for that reason. They are not affected by temperature extremes, climates or seasons, and the flowers do not die off or have to be removed or dead-headed. They suffer no fungal or viral diseases – just sit there and look perfect.

In fact, they are almost 100% maintenance-free and ideal for those environments where they are required just to sit there and look pretty without a lot of work needing done. That is probably the major reason for hotels and other establishments preferring artificial silk table-top plants to real ones.

Because there is no watering, there is no water spillage, and therefore no damage to furniture or furnishings. All that is needed is wiping over with a soft, damp cloth now again to remove any dust and bring up their freshness. No debris accumulates in the pots or planters, and the flowers do not attract insects – or if they do, they don’t stay around for long.

A Wide Range of Silk Plants to Choose From

You have a large range of silk table-top plants and centerpieces to choose from, ranging from simple pansies, daffodils and roses to silk orchids and artificial foliage plants such as ivies, grasses, trailing vines and many other types of plant that will grace a table-top or any other flat surface.

Here at Silk Plants Today, we pride ourselves on the range of beautiful silk table-top plants we have to offer you, and also on their quality. Not only are the plants identical to the originals to all intents and purposes, but we can also offer you a range of beautiful pots, planters and other containers to display them at their best.

Our ready-made displays will save you a great deal of time and trouble, and while the prices of faux plants are higher than their genuine equivalents, keep in mind that these last forever and will not have to be changed in a few weeks or even less. It’s heartbreaking to spend a lot of money on a beautiful table-top display just to see it wither away within a couple of weeks.

Not so with the artificial silk table-top plants and displays you get from Silk Plants Today. They last forever, and you can even afford to purchase new displays and plants now and again so that you can continually change your artificial flowers and greenery according to the season or even the occasion. Your Poinsettia will not only last until next winter but every winter after that!