Unique Artificial Orchids for Your Home & Office

Its takes a great deal of experience and artistic flair to be able to achieve this, and while nobody will ever claim to be able to recreate nature’s true beauty, experienced artists can go a long way and certainly sufficient to create a work of art that looks genuine to the eye of most people. Each orchid flower in professionally created artificial orchids is as unique as those in the genuine plant.

Many seek faux trees for patios, hallways and even the atrium of many top hotels display trees that appear genuine to most, but are in fact faux trees that have been created with a similar eye for detail as created these wonderful artificial orchids. Silk floor plants are truly beautiful whether they are maples, orchids or simple pansies. To go with these you have a wide choice of artificial greenery to complement the flowers and offer a professionally natural finish to the effect.

Why would people prefer to use silk floor plants rather than the genuine natural living flower or tree? Part of the reason has already been mentioned: although artificial plants are often more expensive than the real thing to begin with, they last longer. Have you ever tried to tend to an orchid, particularly in the busy environment of a restaurant or hotel, or even in your own home with its wide range of environmental conditions?

Even Spiders are Fooled . . .

Artificial orchids last much longer, and can be stored when not required. Faux trees do not attract insects and have no roots to undermine foundations. Artificial greenery is insect free, needing just an occasional brush to remove dust. No feeding, no insecticides in your home, hotel or restaurant and no watering required that is easily forgotten. You can safely go on vacation without trying to rig up some form of automatic watering system!

Artificial silk floor plants are trouble-free, and your artificial orchids will impress every visitor. Your faux trees will add another dimension to an entrance hall or patio, or even to a large room. Botanists are frequently fooled by the craftsmanship that goes into artificial plants: all you need is the occasional wipe and brush-over to remove the occasional spider – if they can’t tell the difference, how can you!

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