Using Artificial Plants for Enclosed Car Parks and Drives

Using artificial plants in your car park or drive is one way to ensure that you have a great show of plants and flowers in areas that often tend to be drab and lifeless.  Many businesses use faux plants outside the office, in enclosed parking areas or in their reception area to present a neat appearance to the approach to their place of business, and who can blame them?

Genuine plants have this annoying habit of being natural. They tend to be blasted by high winds and cannot be brushed up again, and also tend to lose their plumage – the decorative leaves and flowers for which they were selected.

While this might be a tongue-in-cheek criticism of nature, it is nevertheless true, and if you are looking for a permanent fabulous-looking approach to your plant, office or even for your driveway at home, artificial plants offer an excellent alternative to the real thing. However, make sure with your vendor that your faux plants are suitable for outside use, because many are not.

Using Faux Plants in Your Drive

Using faux plants in your drive enables you to select any flowering plant, shrub, bush or even tree you like without worrying that it will change with the seasons. Sure, a hydrangea in full flower in winter would look out of place, but there would be nothing amiss with a selection of 10-14 foot bamboos, or a beautiful 7 foot silk ficus tree lining your drive.

Add a few artificial grasses and mangos interspersed with one or two flowering rose bushes or bromeliad to add a splash of color and you would have a magnificent approach to your home – or even a means of decorating your front garden or drive without all the hard work!

There is one proviso, however.  Artificial plants tend not to tolerate excessive dampness and temperature extremes, so if your climate is temperate and you tend to get a lot of rain, snow and hail, then you would perhaps be better not to use false plants of any kind in external locations,

Using Artificial Plants for Commercial Premises

Using artificial plants outdoors is also a great idea for commercial premises. Many businesses use faux plants outside their offices, not only to reduce the cost of maintenance, but also to impress clients and other visitors. A visitor’s car park looks great with exotic artificial grasses and bamboos lining the walkways between the parking bays- this is particularly so with indoor or underground car parking facilities.

Once they enter the atrium or reception area your visitors will be really impressed by your flower arrangements such as a beautiful lily, rose & snapdragon centerpiece by the receptionist’s desk, or a stunning vase of snow-white amaryllis.

When they take their seats waiting to meet their contact they can enjoy the silk birch, ficus or maple that can stand as tall as your reception area will permit. Then when they are taken to meet the executive they are visiting in his or her office, they will be astounded by the stunningly exotic mixture of orchids & calla lilies sitting on their desk, displayed in a container specifically chosen to show these magnificent blooms to their best advantage.

What this presents to your clients is an impressive display of the best modern artificial plants that they will be unable to detect as being false unless they touch and feel them. Starting with their approach to your office space, the underground or enclosed car park, continued through the atrium and reception area and finally the executive office showing the most exotic orchid displays that nature can produce: only they are faux orchids that look exactly like their genuine counterparts.

Use Your Imagination

Employing a bit of imagination while using artificial plants outside can add to the impression of authenticity. While you and your employees, neighbors and friends might know that you are using faux plants outside, there is no need to advertise the fact, and you can do a lot to make them look even more real.

Judicious use of a water spray can give them that early morning dewy look, and you can also purchase artificial insects such as ladybugs and bees to make them look even better. Sure, most will eventually cotton on, but first impressions count. Even if those first impressions are later revised when they find you are using artificial plants, your clients and visitors will nevertheless be impressed by your ingenuity.

Not only that, but many will never know that you are using artificial plants, and those first impressions will be in their minds – even if they do know. It’s a psychological thing, and getting clients to admire your style is a big step forward. offer you a massive range of artificial plants for use indoors, and the great thing about silk plants is that they can be used anywhere.  Many people who use our artificial plants and flowers retain this innate feeling that outdoor plants cannot be used indoors, and that orchids will die if they are left outdoors in winter. In other words, they apply principles that apply to genuine plants to their faux plants.

In a way, that is a complement to us, because our plants look so real that our customers find it difficult to look on them as being made of silk or synthetic fibers. However, it is true:  our orchids, whether they be vanda, cymbidium or phalaenopsis, or any other of our species, will last just as long in an underground or enclosed car park as they will decorating the entrance to a reception area outside a commercial office.

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