Using Silk Floor Plants to Impress Your Clients

It is easy to impress your clients by using silk floor plants in your office and reception areas. They offer advantages to offices that no genuine plants can, and are not only enduring but are also extremely beautiful in appearance, very difficult to distinguish from the original. Yes, nobody can emulate nature, but these artificial floor plants are as close to the real thing as you will even see.

Imagine your reception area with a gorgeous floor-standing orchid and a planter containing a 42 inch tall cycas and croton plant arrangement – beautiful greenery combined with nature’s most exotic blooms – all in silk that not only looks almost exactly like the originals, but that will last longer and need no feeding or watering.

Silk Dracaena Floor Plant

Silk Dracaena Floor Plant

In many respects silk floor plants are not only often confused for natural plants, but look more vibrant and attractive than their genuine equivalents in an office environment. That is because, while the genuine plant certainly looks great in its natural environment, those used in offices tend to look duller and limper than they should. That is because they are not receiving the ideal amount of water, nutrition and sunlight, and so are not undergoing their natural metabolic processes.

Processes such as respiration and transpiration are affected by the office environment and frequency of watering, while photosynthesis depends to a large extent on sunlight rather than office lighting. In those offices that operate 24 hours where the plant is never in the dark, the balance between respiration and photosynthesis is unnatural. These variations from natural conditions generally result in the plant having an unnatural limp and faded look.

Not so silk floor plants that retain their vibrancy and realistic appearance irrespective of ambient conditions. As long as they get a wipe over with a damp cloth or commercial cleaner, their colors are as bright as the day they were made.

Your show of plants therefore look great irrespective of office conditions, how old they are or even what time of day it is. A five-foot collinea palm plant looks just as vibrant and lush in your reception area at midnight as it does at noon – and will look just the same in 20 years time as it does today.

The advantage of silk plants, whether they are bright blooms on a table or desk, or lush greenery in planters on your office or reception floor, is that they are not affected by environment, unnatural office lighting, erratic watering and feeding and they do not age, wilt, wither or lose color. Nor do they make a mess, such as falling leaves or water splashes, and they do not attract insects.

Silk trees are another option that will supplement your artificial floor plants perfectly. From 5 ft to over 12 ft high, you can choose from a wide range of false trees such as a beautiful ficus or magnificently gnarled Japanese maple. You might prefer a fabulous silver birch rising 10 feet into the air and fashioned on a genuine silver birch trunk.

Whichever type of silk tree you select, it is sure to impress your clients and astound visitors. The overall effect of such an artificial tree together with a selection of faux orchids and silk floor plants would provide your reception with a bright, natural look that could be further enhanced with an appropriate perfume to offer a spectacular show assailing the senses of sight and smell.

You can even extend this out into your courtyard or parking area. One option is a 12 foot silver birch or alder complemented by some planters with silk cycas palms or mixed grasses. Or perhaps a 14 foot artificial bamboo with smaller tubs of grasses scattered around. You have plenty options available to make good use of silk trees and silk floor plants to use a unique form of d├ęcor for your office – inside or out.

Why do they look so natural? Fundamentally, because they are made from silk or a synthetic fiber such as polyester, that can be stiffened to look natural either by using gelatin or something similar, or by pressing them into molds using heat. The molds are crafted by professionals then the fabric cut and pressed in with heat – that shapes the fabric into a permanent representation of the real leaf. They are then painted by artists to reproduce the colors and shade gradations of the original plant.

When made correctly by professional skilled artists, silk plants look just like the originals and the leaves and petals hang and move in the wind just like the real thing. They are next to impossible to tell from the genuine plant just by looking at them, and you have to feel them to notice that they are artificial.

Using silk floor plants is one of the more striking ways of decorating your office, and is certain to impress your clients and other visitors. They are remarkably inexpensive when compared to the continuing costs of using genuine plants.

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