Using Silk Floral Arrangements to Show the Seasons

Silk floral arrangements have become very natural-looking and many cannot be distinguished from the real flowers by sight. You have to feel them to tell the difference, although artificial flower technology has now advanced to the stage where you cannot tell the difference between real lilies and silk calla lilies even by touch – they both feel the same. Silk Rose Vase Arrangement

You will probably also add smell to that, although there are scents available that can be added to silk flowers to make them smell genuine as well as look it. So all of your senses can be fooled – except taste probably, but who eats their home floral arrangements? Do not answer that question!

All joking aside, what we are saying here is that most people cannot tell the difference between genuine flower displays and artificial silk floral arrangements. That said, why should people use fake flower arrangements rather than genuine ones? There are too many reasons to state here, although the two major ones are that the silk flowers last forever (to all intents and purposes), and also need no watering or feeding.

Such faux flower arrangements can be used to depict each season as it passes. You have no need to trawl the flower shops looking for seasonal blooms, but can select the best silk floral arrangements online for each season and bring them out each year.  Whether you are using them at home or in your office, last year’s display will be good for this year – unlike real flowers that will have withered away.

Let’s have a brief examination of the types of silk flower arrangements that are available each season, and whether or not you can use those that are truly representative of spring, summer and so on.

Seasonal Silk Floral Arrangements: Spring

We shall start with spring since that is the start of most natural life. The types of flowers we are most used to seeing in spring are the spring bulbs:  snowdrops, crocuses, hyacinths, narcissus, daffodils and then the tulips. You can display a beautiful vase of 18 spring tulips in your home, every one of them a silk tulip of the highest degree of artistry.

These silk flowers are genuine works of art, there is no denying it and they look absolutely superb!  So do silk floral arrangements of artificial roses, lilies, and mixed silk orchids and grasses. Each of these flower arrangements are worth a great deal more than you would pay for them because of their life in comparison with that of the genuine plants.

Seasonal Silk Floral Arrangements: Summer

Summer need hardly be discussed here because almost all flowers are blooming in summer. However, it’s not how they look in summer that often counts, because many prefer sunflowers once they have dried out and have that glowing yellowish orange shade.

When you buy silk flower arrangements with summer blooms, you can practically choose what you want. However, not many florists can make you up the type of floral arrangements that an online vendor of artificial flowers can offer. That is because the latter has no need for perishable stock:  fake flowers last for as long as you want them to last, and the same is true for your selection of silk summer flowers.

Seasonal Silk Floral Arrangements: Fall or Autumn

That ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’ according to John Keats is the favorite season for many people and many poets and artists. That is because of the wonderfully glowing oranges, yellows and reds that are associated with the season – not the bright reds of roses or an apple, but the glowing redness of a copper beach or fallen leaves that, to Americans, give the season its logical name.

It follows that fall arrangements are available only in autumn – unless you use silk floral arrangements using artificial fallen leaves, golden grasses and nuts and berries.  Think of golden-orange maple leaves, yellow oak leaves and the wonderful pine and fir cones you find lying on the ground where these trees grow. Then imaging them all combined into a beautiful display that can be imitated in silk and other fibers.

You can combine such seasonal offerings from nature to create beautiful golden candle holders that would grace any table, or wonderfully mystic silk flower arrangements in oranges and reds that look great in any setting: your home, office desk or even the top table of a wedding reception! Only your imagination can limit their uses.

When using silk floral arrangements for any purpose, always keep in mind that your imagination is king, and that you can create wonderful effects by using such artificial flowers in certain combinations to blow the minds of any guest or visitors to your home or office, no matter what the season is.

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