Why Use Artificial Trees Rather Than Real Ones?

It’s a good question – why should you use artificial trees rather than real trees? Most people view silk or false plants as just that: artificial, and much inferior to the real thing, but is that really the case? When you consider the reason for having plants of any kind in your home or office building, what can artificial trees and plants not do that real ones can?

For a start they cannot fade away every year. They cannot suffer disease and cannot die when you forget to water them. They cannot look jaded as they age, and cannot drop their leaves and petals everywhere. If that’s not enough ‘cannots’ for you, they also cannot fail to impress people with their authenticity.

Faux Trees Have Their Place

Many people use artificial plants in their home and office because they do not have the time to care for genuine plants. However, silk trees are a different beast altogether. They are larger, there is a smaller selection of faux trees available and they tend not to be as colorful as the beautiful spring and summer flowers that many prefer.

Nevertheless, artificial trees have their place and are also used in offices, public areas and in homes to provide the natural effect that many people want. Obviously, you cannot purchase large oaks or sycamores, but you can find a large range of artificial trees for sale online at anything from 5 feet tall to around 14 feet. That is high enough for any home or office.

Some people use them as room dividers, while others use them to make their patios look more natural. While a nice 8-foot faux bamboo on your patio will look good, artificial plants do not take well to being used outdoors due to the weather. Extended periods of rain can affect them, although it is generally fine to give them a hosing down twice a year to keep them clean.

What Makes a Good Artificial Tree?

What should you be looking for in an artificial tree? Its quality should be the same whether it is for your home, your office, or even for the atrium of a large conference complex. Irrespective of its use, silk trees should be hand-crafted by artists that paint each leaf to be exactly like the original that nature created.

Each individual component should be pressed in molds crafted by artisans who can almost match nature in its beautiful symmetry and perfection of design. If you look carefully at the best artificial trees, not all leaves are the same. With cheaper false flowers, bushes and trees, you will find that every component is the same, but that is not how nature does it, and is not how the best silk leaves are crafted: they vary in their graduation of color and in their shape, size and they way they curl.

That is how the best artificial trees are produced: just as nature does, and not with each component being exactly the same as its neighbor. The best faux plants, from small flowers to trees, are hand painted, and not just dipped into a bath of green dye. You get what you pay for, and if you want a faux cherry blossom as close to nature as possible, then each petal should be painted by hand so that each is different as nature intended.

Making Faux Trees Look More Natural

Faux trees look natural enough without you having to change them in any way. However, it is possible to add to their looks in a few simple ways. First, you could spade some real earth into the containers holding them – or bury them into the floor of your reception area or atrium, then top up with earth or compost. Some people even grow genuine flowering plants around them, which has the effect of making the artificial tree look more natural!

Whatever idea you have, silk trees look natural enough without requiring these enhancements. They fool many people into believing they are real, and some even have birds roosting in them. They tend not to attract insects, although you will have to clear the spider webs away once or twice a year. Apart from that they need very little looking after other than the occasional hose down to keep them sparkling clean. But then again, what real trees are sparkling clean? Who hoses them down apart from nature during rainstorms?

Why use artificial trees rather than real ones? A lack of destructive roots is one reason, a lack of insect infestation is another and the fact that you have no need to feed them, water them or stunt their growth is a third. Finally, silk trees are removable, and you can change the look of your office, atrium or reception area whenever you feel like it.

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